Criminal Record Searches and References for Becoming a Prison Officer

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Criminal Record Searches and References for Becoming a Prison Officer

Prison officer jobs have become one of the widely sought after positions of employment. A lot of people genuinely chose to build a career along this line, with a driving zeal to serve their nation in such a capacity. Others are also attracted to the prison service because of the job security and fair pay/work conditions involved. The steps start with getting relevant education and checking the eligibility requirements before applying.

The application and assessment process for a prison officer job involves certain steps or approaches. First, you must meet the requirements in terms of your nationality, age, immigration status and other criteria before applying. Once you are successful with this stage, you may be invited for the next stage, which is the prison officer recruitment test. Several aspects would be tested as a pre-requisite for qualifying as a prison officer. Other aspects of the tests are medical and physical. Your physical and medical fitness must be ascertained before you can qualify to work as an officer.

Another critical stage in the assessment and interview process is identity confirmation. The prison service would run a background check to verify your identity and to ensure you have a clean criminal record. Also, references would be required – e.g. former employer’s references (if you’ve worked previously) and other necessary character references.

Criminal Record Searches and References

Basically, the agency in charge of the prison service recruitment will check databases (e.g. the electoral register) in the bid of trying to confirm your identity. The personal data or details you supplied should correspond with your data or details in the databases. Also, your criminal record will be checked. The checks are usually thorough and extensive, and the outcome must be satisfactory before you can get appointed as a prison officer.

Requirement for Criminal Record Checks

Your original birth certificate and/or passport photograph is required for criminal record checks and references. So, ensure you have your original certificate ready for this assessment exercise. You can always take a passport photograph.

Criminal Records Bureau

As part of the criminal record searches, qualified applicants would be subject to the Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Provisions as spelt out in the 2006 Act. If you are finally appointed for a prison officer job, you will be subject to an ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority) registration check. The check is carried out via the CRB – the Criminal Records Bureau. If you must work with vulnerable adults and children, including other categories of prisoners, you need to pass all the checks as a potential prison officer.

Also, you will be subject to a credit check and other checks that would help certify your bankruptcy or credit status. If you’ve been in an employment situation before, your previous employers may be contacted for references and further checks. Indeed. The check is a comprehensive one, and something that should not bother you if you have not defaulted in any way.

Criminal record searches and references are the final stage of prison officer assessment and interview. The checks are necessary for determining an individual’s suitability for a prison officer job.