How Can You Best Prepare for a Career as a Prison Officer?

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How Can You Best Prepare for a Career as a Prison Officer?

Perhaps you are looking for a career change opportunity and you’re wondering what could be a lucrative switch for you. On the other hand, others may simply need a job that would provide a sense of service to the nation. Then becoming a prison officer may be the number one career option to consider for a change. Also, if you are still in school and would want to become a prison officer thereafter, you can make your dream come true. Embarking on educational development in relevant areas is the best way to prepare for a career as a prison officer.

A prison officer job is a professional job; a prison officer is a law enforcement expert charged with the responsibility of watching over prisoners in detainment facilities. You can become an officer after leaving school, coupled with your work experience. However, some positions can only be occupied by those with bachelor’s degrees. Once you have the required education and experience, you can progress to a supervisory or administrative position.

Preparing for a Career as a Prison Officer – Valuable Tips

Here are some step-by-step approaches to get prepared for a prison officer job.

First Step: Analyse the Qualifications

Getting the right training and education is needed for a prison officer career. Beyond that, you must meet certain strict criteria as well. For instance, eligibility requirements for becoming a UK prison officer (for all positions) entail one of the following:

Ÿ  You Must Have UK Nationality

Ÿ  You Must Be a British Protected Individual

Ÿ  You Must be a Commonwealth Citizen

Ÿ  A National of the EEA (European Economic Area)

Ÿ  An Applicant should not be less than 18 years of age.

Second Step: Education/Development

Intending prison officers can pursue degree courses on relevant fields such as criminal law, police administration, juvenile justice, law enforcement ethics and more. These degree courses that normally last for three years prepare students for a prison officer career.

Eventually, when you are employed for the job, you will undergo thorough training. The initial few weeks usually involve induction training. You will be exposed to situation role-plays in the course of the training, as a way of preparing you for the new task as a prison officer. People that would be working with young individuals will undergo further specialist training. Generally, on-the-job training for a prison officer will run through the first year of service.

Also, experience in relevant areas such as the armed forces or security agency will be a plus when seeking to build a career as a prison officer. Practical skills in different fields such as engineering, nursing, catering and building may increase your eligibility for the job.

Third Step: Aspire for Higher Positions

It’s always every person’s dream to move from one position to a higher one in any type of job. When you’ve been employed as a prison officer, you need to aspire for higher positions. You can climb to the post of a senior officer after the first two years. So, start preparing towards the examinations and interviews that would qualify you for such a position. You can actually progress to governor grades in your prison officer career – determination and hard work will take you there.