Preparing Your Application to Become a Prison Officer

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Preparing Your Application to Become a Prison Officer

These days, a lot of people are increasingly building a prison officer career. While some are driven by passion to serve and help other people, others are attracted by desirable pay/job conditions as a prison officer; whichever way, it is a worthwhile career. Getting prepared to build a career along this line would involve getting the right education, and checking your eligibility status. Thereafter, you need to lookout for vacancies or job opportunities in the prison service.

Basically, job vacancies for prison officers and other positions are advertised via the local press, job centres and the prison service official website – this is the basic order in England and Wales. There are other independent sites that collate and display prison service job openings. So, your duty is to search all these sources for available prison officer job vacancies.

Just like other civil services, the Prison Service provides equal employment opportunities to those who are qualified. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, nothing stops you from sending in your application for a prison service job.

Application Preparation

Prison service job application is in different stages, the major preparation starts with exploration of the available opportunities. It is also helpful to explore useful tips and likely test questions and interviews, to know what to expect when you are finally called up.

Basically, the various stages of prison officer job application go this way:

First Stage: Eligibility Verification

At the time of filling-in the application and assessment form, you will answer a series of minimum eligibility questions. If the details you supplied meet the minimum requirements, the service will acknowledge your application. If you had explored the eligibility requirements before now, you must have determined your eligibility status before applying for a prison officer job. So, answering the eligibility questions will be easy.

Second Stage: Prison Officer Selection Test

If you pass the minimum eligibility stage, the prison service will send you an e-mail message to that effect. You would be asked to proceed with the selection test which is usually done online. Some aspects are tested in the course of this test. These aspects include your numeracy and language skills. Also, there are work sample exercises that would be posed to an applicant during the prison officer post selection test. Previous knowledge in prison administration is not necessary for this test. Success at this stage will qualify you for the next and final stage – the Recruitment Assessment Day stage.

Third Stage: Recruitment Assessment Day

On this day, you will undergo a fitness test, so it would be helpful to come with some sports wear. Generally, there is no special dressing code for the RAD (Recruitment Assessment Day). Any decent and clean dressing will be fine. In addition to fitness testing, you will undergo health checks as well.

Generally, the recruitment assessment day was put in place to test different aspects that are relevant to the role of a prison officer. Once you go through this stage successfully, the next thing would be ‘Congratulations!’, you got the job!